Thursday, February 5, 2009

Web Design/Development Learning Adventure

Web Development has been a long ongoing learning adventure for me, which started during a web design class several years ago. I knew what i wanted to accomplish but had no idea where to start. To this day I have the same experiences and continually come up with new concepts in my head forcing me to learn a new technology or system.

While helping out setting up a blog I learned that although I had a good concept of S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) down in my head I really was not prepared for the professional side of the field. Blogger is part of my learning experience and will hopefully increase my ranks for my ongoing projects Web Solutions within Reach and Try2Stop.Us.

Web Solutions within Reach was created to give small business owners a chance to take advantage of Internet Marketing without paying a high price. These sites range from basic menu pages for restaurants to blogs for generating ad revenue and information pages w/ dynamic updated weather & directions.

Try2Stop.Us is becoming a collection of resources I use to find information, download files and access other resources I may need. The hope is that these resources will help others rid themselves of frustration in Information Technology. This site has been edited and reborn numerous times. The initial idea was to be an online community to voice your opinion on the suitors met at various online dating sites. This was the only credible idea for some kind of safeguard I could come up with after watching my friends met .... unusual is a nice way to put it, people again and again. The idea was lost in the prototype stage with the cancellations of online dating accounts and the frustration with S.E.O. especially when you are talking about a free online community that has to deal with dating. This hits so many major keywords that millions of sites use to generate traffic.

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